How to run a command, process or script in the background on a server

It is a very common need to run a command or process in a server in the background. This is especially true when you are running the command over a SSH connection, since the connection can be dropped due to multitude of reasons, it’s always better to run that command in the background. The command

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I wrote a PHP Client for sonic, the autosuggestion engine, and now its the official PHP client for Sonic.🤩

Hey guys, last week I got to see one article about a new search engine, similar to elastic search. but built specifically for autosuggestions. Sonic – it is an index based auto-suggestion engine built on Rust lang by the team at . a customer engagement platform. Then I went to their repository (Yep, its

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I wrote a post in about Laravel Ecosystem in 2018

  As a developer working primarily on PHP and Laravel I have come across a multitude of services and products related to Laravel. These things made Laravel a popular (Extremely popular I would say) among PHP developers. Even though criticisms are present against Laravel being batteries included framework, its popularity skyrocketed since its stable release

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Can the jQuery library be used with JavaScript to program complex dynamic websites or is it just a beginners tool?

Originally written in Quora Being a JavaScript library, jquery could achieve a lot more with simple code. Once jquery was dominant among many Js libraries. So many enterprise and simple applications was written with the help of jquery. The point of using a library or framework is to avoid the clutter in the code. When

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