I have built a new E- Commerce Shop in pure PHP for an Undergraduate Project

Hey, It’s been a long time since I’ve written something here. I was little busy, and also I was travelling throughout Kerala during Christmas and New Year. Recently I have made a contract with an undergraduate team from WMO Arts and Science College Muttil, Wayanad. They were in need of a project as a part of their curricular

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Digital Marketing Primer – A talk at Lifeline Mindcare Solutions Trivandrum

Recently I was invited for a talk at Lifeline Mindcare Solutions on Digital Marketing. The firm is lead by the famous Trainor Dr. P P Vijayan and is focusing on soft skill development. Their programs include Mind Mastery, Billionaire Mind Set etc… The Talk was scheduled on 6th October 2016. I made a presentation on Digital Marketing to make

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I found a backdoor in my WordPress site – Filesman PHP Backdoor

Recently when i did a normal check one of my client website which is a wordpress one, I did found a suspicious file(Well Unsuspicious – but its size made me to take a look ) which contains a backdoor in it. It seems like a normal php file. Even it was named cgi.php  (Normally this would confuse

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