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I am a PHP lover of course despite its weakness. Cause I am not still mature enough to understand its weakness ūüôā . Well, Previously I’ve¬†heard about laravel. around 12+ months ago…¬†Pure PHP was my taste.I’ve Developed some good(Not great)apps in PHP. I’ve¬†got a taste of laravel and its tastier ways of developing an app with very little time with ease recently. Earlier I did some reading on MVC frameworks, even downloaded some videos from youtube and also some PDF’s to find what’s MVC is. I made some sample installations of laravel¬†(Troubled with vagrant. Skipped it , installed laravel in XAMPP using composer). Configured routes and some tinkering here and there like creating and running migrations, using artisan command line, Creating ¬†Controllers, Models etc… At first, it didn’t make any sense at all. I was embarrassed about ¬†why do I¬†need this much of files in laravel¬†folder with views somewhere, assets in another place, so much of files that are unknown to me. I was irritated by just looking at this folder. Whaaat? Is this thing called a ¬†beautiful framework?

Despite the freaking, I followed a¬†tutorial on¬†and with some previous experiences; I was able to grasp some beautiful ideas from it. It made me think how could¬†I write this much great code? Laravel is a framework which provides everything you need for developing a simple app to a very complex application.You can read about it in But there are so many things that I found very interesting including the concept of a command line called artisan, a database tool called tinkerer and much more. at the end, I could say I really enjoyed writing code using¬†laravel. I love this framework. You could see the code that I wrote here. The tutorial is worth checking out (though I am not a promoter for scotch). It’s a 2 part tutorial



Let me know if you have any thoughts on laravel.

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