Can the jQuery library be used with JavaScript to program complex dynamic websites or is it just a beginners tool?

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Being a JavaScript library, jquery could achieve a lot more with simple code. Once jquery was dominant among many Js libraries. So many enterprise and simple applications was written with the help of jquery.

The point of using a library or framework is to avoid the clutter in the code. When JavaScript was introduced it saved a lot of our time from the chores. Also when the jquery was introduced it became more or less equal to the javascript. It became the standard because it saved us from the chores of using JavaScript directly. Soon every developer(s) made jquery an integral part of their app.

But the applications which are needed to be developed became more and more complex. So automatically jquery applications have begun to become cluttered code. They were more prone to codebreaking and error prone. Moreover, their maintenance became a pain in the ass. But at the same time needs of better UI and UX interactions increased and moreover JavaScript finally grown to support server side requirements. Suddenly Js became the king of web/mobile apps. Couldn’t forget node.Js here. So with the new advancement, ECMAScript 2015, 2016 introduced, JavaScript again become more and more powerful. So some new tools began to come in front of the stage, even though they were present for some time it couldn’t make many moves, they are angular, react, backbone, ember, express, and finally vue.js. some of them are full blown dev stacks with support from tech giants ( angular – Google, react – Facebook)

Now, most of the new web applications are probably written using in one of the above frameworks/libraries.(these frameworks even made us forget PHP and some server side languages) They made app development much easier and saved from a lot of chores using jquery.

What I can say now is jquery was popular and could be still a great option than using pure Js. But now we have much much better options are in our hand. So it’s better to adapt the situation. You know something? you can build a good app with none of the frameworks or libraries. But who cares?

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