I wrote a PHP Client for sonic, the autosuggestion engine, and now its the official PHP client for Sonic.šŸ¤©

Hey guys, last week I got to see one article about a new search engine, similar to elastic search. but built specifically for autosuggestions. Sonic – it is an index based auto-suggestion engine built on Rust lang by the team at crip.chat . a customer engagement platform. Then I went to their repository (Yep, its

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I wrote a post in dev.to about Laravel Ecosystem in 2018

  As a developer working primarily on PHP and Laravel I have come across a multitude of services and products related to Laravel. These things made Laravel a popular (Extremely popular I would say) among PHP developers. Even though criticisms are present against Laravel being batteries included framework, its popularity skyrocketed since its stable release

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I have built a new E- Commerce Shop in pure PHP for an Undergraduate Project

Hey, It’s been aĀ long time since I’veĀ written something here. I was little busy, and also I was travelling throughout Kerala during Christmas and New Year. Recently I have made a contract with an undergraduateĀ team from WMO Arts and Science College Muttil, Wayanad. They were in need of a project as a part of their curricular

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