Digital Marketing Primer – A talk at Lifeline Mindcare Solutions Trivandrum

digital-mareting-lifeline-mindcare-solutions-trivandrumRecently I was invited for a talk at Lifeline Mindcare Solutions on Digital Marketing. The firm is lead by the famous Trainor Dr. P P Vijayan and is focusing on soft skill development. Their programs include Mind Mastery, Billionaire Mind Set etc… The Talk was scheduled on 6th October 2016. I made a presentation on Digital Marketing to make the talk a bit like training. But the overall session went like an interactive session rather than a lecture ( Even though I do not hold a  Bachelor of education, I see that’s the correct way of teaching something). The attendees consisted of more than 40 people from various departments in their firm. Most of them were amazed because of my age and most of them were much much qualified. One thing I observed was they all were willing to learn this new thing called digital marketing, and at the end the feedback from them was nice. I consulted many of them individually in the practical session too.

The talk actually consisted around the idea of how important is social media in marketing and how to use social media to generate leads. After the conclusion, a small amount of time was allocated for practical session.Then I showed them the process of keyword research, google Adwords and facebook paid advertisement. I showed them how SEO, SMM can make a direct impact and great improvement in business. Showed them the way to do email marketing, and some new players such as Quora, Google MyBusiness etc… Also gave them some guidelines about crafting a great content for promotion.Even though the subject was vast, I haven’t tried to confuse them with all the technical terms that I know, rather I tried to cover an all around view about Digital Marketing and the core ideas related to it. The talk went seamlessly, many of them were doing social media marketing already, but the lack of a crystal clear idea was present there. I don’t think all of them got the idea either but the response from their side was awesome. But what I really forgot to take was a photograph with them. That’s really a loss. But at the end they seemed to be satisfied with my interaction so was I. The experience with those vibrant people was so good.

You can see the slides here


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