Facebook Marketing – Deep Dive – Training at Lifeline Mindcare Solutions Trivandrum


I think I know why they (Lifeline foundation) Invited me for another training on Facebook marketing. This was quiet next to the day of the talk at Lifeline foundation. I told them that I need some time to prepare for this training. Even though I am not a Digital Marketer by profession I have a pretty good knowledge about this thing, It seems to be the people at lifeline are OK with my style of teaching (Learning). So I did some background research about the Facebook marketing alone. Contacted some of my well-wishers in Bangalore, And reached out to some people who are currently providing Facebook marketing. and eventually, I made a campaign on Facebook to test these things out on one of my personal facebook page. So that I could present the results as my own rather than a suggestion from a Facebook marketing blah blah guide from the internet.

Facebook marketing is not rocket science, Everyone with an online shopping experience can make an ad on Facebook. But It is effective if you know the right things OR  its a money losing game if you don’t know what you are doing. Facebook’s advertising campaign philosophy is simple


But scenarios for each business who try to improve business using Facebook will differ vastly, So only thorough testing and monitoring of the previous and currently running ads will help us in the long run. Even though the people at lifeline seems to be very busy (They have jobs to do, I Know 🙂 ) I tried my best to deliver what I came for.

The slides are here.

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