I have built a new E- Commerce Shop in pure PHP for an Undergraduate Project

Hey, It’s been a long time since I’ve written something here. I was little busy, and also I was travelling throughout Kerala during Christmas and New Year. Recently I have made a contract with an undergraduate team from WMO Arts and Science College Muttil, Wayanad. They were in need of a project as a part of their curricular activity. They were in the final year of their course. Me being same age and course but in other college was also looking for a project idea to build for my graduation. Since they already got an idea about building an e-commerce system which is a real need of an agricultural engineering company named Kinalath (located in Meenangadi, Wayanad). Since I already had an experience building an e-commerce system(Farmercart – An Ecommerce system for farmers) and an auction system I agreed to guide them.

The people who came as my trainees were good at learning, Even though they never had an experience in developing an application they easily picked up the ideas. I don’t know how will they perform in a working environment, for me they were good in picking up the basic Object Oriented Programming ideas and database concepts.

The project is built on php7, MariaDB (MySql), and Apache. I was thought about developing it in a PHP framework such as Laravel, so the work will be a lot easier, secure and efficient. But that would make me hard to teach them and it will be hard for them to explain during examination times.  So I moved on with pure PHP and Mysql. I have developed classes for important Models and DB operations, all of them with Static functions. easier to explain and understand (peace). There was no hard thought about the efficiency of the web application, rather I’ve only thought about simplicity in terms of explanation.

The code can be seen and downloaded here on GitHub.

You may have to import Database which is located inside the DB folder and update database credentials on app/DB2.php. There is some sample data also

This Project is suitable for Undergraduate/Degree/BCA/BSc/BTech Final year Projects.

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