I wrote a PHP Client for sonic, the autosuggestion engine, and now its the official PHP client for Sonic.🤩

Hey guys, last week I got to see one article about a new search engine, similar to elastic search. but built specifically for autosuggestions. Sonic – it is an index based auto-suggestion engine built on Rust lang by the team at crip.chat . a customer engagement platform.

Then I went to their repository (Yep, its open source). And found out that it offers a TCP endpoint rather than an HTTP endpoint/. Meaning in order to use sonic search, you need to connect to the TCP socket and issue commands over the socket and read the output buffer. They are officially offering a javascript client for sonic but not for PHP. Then it struck me… This can be a good experience for me if I build a PHP client for it, especially because I haven’t done any socket programming before.

Then I spent a few days and nights cooking the PHP client and submitted a PR into the official repo,

Saying that kindly include my client as well in the readme. Then I tweeted about the same in twitter as well.

Ahaa… There it was. The CTO of crisp and the core contributor of Sonic, Mr. Valerian Saliou replied to me saying that, he liked the way I wrote the code and he can promote my client as an officially supported sonic client for PHP if I come up with a relatively complete solution.

Well then…, few more nights and voila. Now Psonic is the official php client for sonic. Check it out, and give your valuable opinions in the comments as well as GitHub stars 😍.


Go ahead and try sonic as well. It’s a really cool product. 😍😍😍

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