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LinkedIn has an advertising platform that has been heavily under utilized by online advertisers. Actually, it has a very high cost per click and limited options of ad types. The ad platform is also very basic in comparison to Facebook and Google. But everyone is fighting for clicks on a saturated Facebook / Google ad platform right? we could leverage LinkedIn ads for some pretty astonishing results.

One thing, Not all channels are good for all business, So as LinkedIn. Check weather if the channel works for you then continue leveraging the channel. otherwise, it is just another money wasting plan.

Due to the high CPC if you have an online course for example and the price point is under $500 you may not be able to get an ROI from LinkedIn.

That said, in this post; I’ll share with you the best way to leverage the LinkedIn advertising platform so you can start to generate leads for your business based on my experience.

Step 1: Create a Company Profile

Firstly, to get started with LinkedIn advertising you need a company profile setup to run the ads from. Link


Only use your LinkedIn company profile for advertising, sharing content from this really isn’t worth the effort unless you have a big following. Don’t get stuck in the time waster of creating content, which sucks up time and yields little results.

You are much better off using your personal profile, connecting and building relationships with your target market personally.

Step 2: Ad Type Selection



create-campaign linkedin

Out of the ads that you can publish (right-hand side bar ads, sponsored content, and LinkedIn mail) only run sponsored content ads, these are the pieces of content that you post from your company profile and these go in the LinkedIn newsfeed.

The right-hand ads don’t get traction at all and our results have been hideous with these so steer clear.

So for this to be effective all you need to do is share a link from your profile and run ads to this.

Step 3: Get Your Targeting Right

Once you have selected your post, created a headline and image for the post it’s time to get your targeting right. There’s actually some really good targeting options for you to run ads too.



I have also had some pretty good results by targeting groups. For example; if you are targeting business coaches you can target groups that business coaches are a part of.

Groups target list is shown below:


Step 4: Set your budget and bid

Once you have your ad set up it’s time to set up your budget and bid. Due to the cost of the clicks, you’d want to have a budget of ₹202 – ₹307 a day to test at the least.


I set the CPC (cost per click) to their recommended bid and this seems to be getting us good clicks at cheaper prices.

You can set your clicks budget to less than that but your ad might not get shown to many people and you have to keep monitoring regularly in case it suddenly stops being shown. One thing to note is although the CPC can be higher on LinkedIn the quality of the traffic I have found is a lot better than other platforms.

The traffic tends to convert better, I see conversion numbers of almost double that of Facebook ad traffic and the quality of the applications we get are much higher.

So although you might pay some greater amount per click on LinkedIn, the quality is better and it converts better means that even though Facebook has cheaper clicks of ₹60 – ₹120 the ROI is better from LinkedIn.

This is what I have found anyway.

Step 5: Reviewing Data


review-campaign-results-linkedinOnce you have launched you need to review your data, a solid test is around 60 – 100 clicks. Above is an example of a 66 click test we did on an audience which converted really well and had solid stats.

Once you have that you can see how many converted to a lead and a sale – you may need to test for a couple of weeks to get a solid picture of your results so don’t pull the pin too early.

It’s also important to keep an eye on your Click Through Rate (CTR) and Cost Per Click to see if that’s getting higher at all.

If you notice your CTR dropping and your CPC increasing it’s most likely that your ad has ‘ad fatigue’ meaning that it’s been shown to the audience too much and they are no longer clicking it.

Now like before any advertising campaign online make sure you have a high converting online sales funnel first and foremost. If you have created it yourself or someone built it for you has no idea about web conversions, just forget about it and wait until you have the foundations right.

Read about online sales funnel

There’s no point burning through advertising spend if your sales funnel is a mess. This is where you need to leverage expert advice or get an expert who specializes in sales funnels to build it for you.



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