Long time no see. Meanwhile, I have joined a startup

NB: No fruit for programmers РJust my experiences of joining a startup.

It’s been some time since I wrote my last blog post. Recently many important things occurred in my life. I graduated (yay ūüôā ), I got a bachelors degree in Computer Science. I thank my¬†teachers for all the support they gave me during some of the toughest situations. I took a decision during my college days that I will not be going for a regular Post Graduation course, cause the curriculum was not making a better programmer out of me. Sorry for being rude Mr. Formal Education… And meanwhile, my startup was shut down because of some reasons that I can’t expose (I know, everyone says that). Then I was invited by a company to look after their emerging Digital Marketing¬†Business since I have worked for them previously. But being an aspiring programmer it was not shaping me at all. So I started looking for a developer profile.

I had a 3 Years of professional experience in my bag, with PHP and MySql being the strongest skills. I made a resume, send out to some people. Fortunately, I had someone to recommend for a good position in a startup, and I joined Oryx Cloud just after a month of my college life. Weeks passed by and I have confirmed that the knowledge¬†I acquired before was just the tip of an iceberg. Since this is my first job as a developer excluding my own startup, It was a great time of excitement and experience for me. As a developer, I learned quite a few things that can’t be gained if I were running my own startup. I am happy that I have joined a startup because I actually got to work on some good amount of code, and I¬†am able to work on various sections of the project, and that gave me a good understanding of the overall architecture of the project I was working on. In startups, people are expected to start real work as soon as possible. and there is no such thing as a training period for a newcomer. I was able to sneak peek on SEO, Marketing, Development, sometimes on Infrastructure also. Being in a startup have many advantages, one major being the self-development. Since you are in a small team everyone will know what you are doing and you have to strive in order to be the smartest amongst them.

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